My name is Dick Vos and i live in a small village called Huizen in the Netherlands. I’m born in 1967 and i’m intrested in everything that has to do with telecommunication. Since the early 90’s i’m a ham radio amateur. My callsigns were PD0RLV followed by PE1PMJ. Now my call sign is PH0DV. Delta Victor stands for my initials.



I work with a Yeasu FT817 and a variant of the miracle wipe antenna. You can call it a magic wire since i don’t use a wipe but a 2 meter wire. On 20 meters it performce very well and i can work stations all over Europe. Look into my logbook for the results with this antenna. The antenne is homebrew and I work with only 5 watts. That makes me QRP station.


For VHF i’m using a Motorola GM380 VHF FM Tranceiver. I have made a code plug for it so that it covers the entire 2 meter band for FM mode. I also can listen to the VHF maritiem radio band with this radio.



As a portable radio i use the Yeasu VX-5. I have made a 4 elements UHF yagi so i can spot the HAM satellites. At this moment i can only listen to the ham sats.



For DMR i use a portable radio. This is the CS700 from Connect Systems. I like the portable radio cause it’s easy to bring it with me on my boat or when we go into the country. In my regio i can work over the Hytera and Mototrbo network. I made a CP with all dutch repeaters.



For VHF and UHF i use the Diamond X50.