Keychain QRP – World’s Smallest HF Transmitter

The ‘Keychain QRP’ is a tiny Morse transmitter and is said to be the world’s smallest!

Output power is said to be 160mw and the unit can be supplied operating on any of the following frequencies:

00.61400 Mhz
01.00000 Mhz
01.84320 Mhz
01.85000 Mhz
03.57954 Mhz
03.68640 Mhz
14.31818 Mhz
21.16800 Mhz
21.20000 Mhz
27.00000 Mhz
28.22400 Mhz
28.30460 Mhz
28.32200 Mhz
28.63600 Mhz
50.00000 Mhz
50.35000 Mhz
51.84000 Mhz
53.24800 Mhz
98.30000 Mhz
100.0000 Mhz


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