Kan iemand SamSat-218D ontvangen?

641617_originalStudenten van de Samara State Aerospace University krijgen het niet voor elkaar om een signaal van de SamSat218-D te ontvangen. Ze vragen nu de hulp van zendamateurs. Deze satelliet is op 26 April 2016 gelanceerd.

Live Tracking: SAMSAT218D

Frequentie: 145,870 Mhz



Ground Control to Major Tom

“To all radio amateurs who have the ability to receive signals from satellites in the VHF band (144 MHz).

April 28 during the first launch from the Baikonur East satellite SamSat-218D was launched, created by Samara State Aerospace University.

The satellite beacon, which transmits every 150 seconds (or 30 seconds), the word “SamSat-218D” for 15 seconds at a frequency of 145,870 MHz. The transfer is carried out in Morse code in the CW mode. During the passage of the satellite over our receiving station we hear fragmentary Morse code in background noise, but not sure of the extent of its authenticity.

We ask to listen to broadcast on the aforementioned frequency, record audio and send e teomant@bk.ru. For all matters relating to the reception, ready to provide additional information, if necessary. Handling large amounts of data will allow us to understand the nature of the problem (possibly satellite heavily spun at the exit of the transport and launch container) and try to estimate the rate of rotation “


Website: SamSat


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